A Unique Way to Fund a Family Vacation

Many times, the burden or task of saving up for a family vacation is left up to the parents. Of course, this is understandable for those with younger children. That’s because they aren’t really able to work. Therefore, they can’t really bring any money to the table. That is, unless they do a little side job like create a lemonade stand, which probably wouldn’t bring in a whole lot of money anyway. On the other hand, in instances where children are in their mid to late teens, they are more capable of helping to provide the finances necessary to go on a family vacation.

Not only would this help the parents not have to deal with the entire financial burden, but it would also teach the children how to be responsible and it would help them to appreciate the retreat much more. So, it won’t just be a trip they are going on because they are forced to go. They will most likely try to enjoy it to the fullest, because they know that they had something to do with making it a reality.


Raising Children Who Travel Well

By Noah B Brown

Traveling can be a dreaded situation for some parents. Most children tend to be restless and rambunctious or even downright boisterous while traveling. It is very important that parents are raising children who are pleasant and respectful travelers. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to the grocery store in the family car, taking a cruise or flying to visit Disneyworld, you must be parenting kids to behave in all forms of transportation.

Riding In the Car

Everybody rides in the family vehicle on nearly a daily basis. Many people simply believe that their kids will outgrow their poor behavior while in the car. This is not true. You should be raising kids to know the rules for riding in the car, as distractions are dangerous and could be deadly for all in the vehicle.

One of the best tips for parenting kids who ride in the car properly is to have a few special toys in the vehicle. These toys should never be allowed to leave the confines of the car. The children will look forward to playing with their special toys, and stop being problematic on car trips.

Longer trips, such as vacations will require a little more preparation. You will need a variety of items like coloring books, Barbie dolls, action figures or even a personal DVD player with some new movies. Be sure to have headphones for the DVD players if you have more than one child. Those small and relatively inexpensive items will help you in raising children to be quiet and well-behaved in the car.

Cruising On a Boat

Many people enjoy taking cruises for their family vacation; however, most fail to realize that this can be boring for the kids. Sure, cruise ships have programs that are designed specifically to keep children occupied so that their parents can have fun, but few run children’ events twenty-four hours per day. This must be taken into consideration if you wish to be raising children to travel well.

It’s wise to make sure that the cruise you are planning has tons of things for your kids to do while on-board the vessel. There are few things worse than raising children who are disruptive to the other passengers because they are bored. You can curtail this behavior by planning ahead and bringing some new toys or games on vacation with you. Hand-held video games or even some age appropriate down-loadable games for your smart phone are perfect for occupying an ornery child on a cruise ship.

Flying in a Plane

It is very important for you to be raising kids who will be able to fly in an airplane without creating problems for those around them. Nearly every traveler has had an experience with a poorly behaved and disruptive child on a plane. Other passengers often talk about these horrible experiences for quite some time. You surely wouldn’t want to be the person remembered as the one who was parenting kids who simply would not behave on a trip.

Age appropriate magazines such as Highlight, Tiger Beat or Nick magazine will keep your kids occupied, especially if they don’t have subscriptions to them. They will be a real treat and keep them busy for a couple of hours. It is also important to bring chewing gum with you. Experts on raising children believe that poor behavior while flying can be caused by ear pressure. Chewing gum will help the child’s ears to pop and relieve the pressure and discomfort. You should also bring other snacks such as chips or fruit to alleviate any hunger complaints. These tips will show others that you are raising children to be pleasant and respectful fliers.

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Top 10 Destinations for Families

By Helen Unwin

Summer is soon to be upon us and with this comes the difficult choice of where to go on holiday. For families the six weeks school holidays can be hard to fill, so parents want to make sure that the time they spend abroad on holiday is action packed for their children to enjoy. Every family is different and finding the top family holiday destinations can be tricky. Below we have listed some ideas to help you make your choice.

1. Florida

Disney is a failsafe option for families with young children, if you have children younger than school age then booking outside of the school holidays will save a fortune for this destination. When looking at hotels, there is a wide range of choice in and around the surrounding areas of the official Disney resort. Just by staying a few miles away from the resort you can make massive savings.

2. Menorca

The rules for Menorca are the same for any package beach holiday to similar destinations – any holiday provider worth their salt now has a kids club to cater for the family market and keep youngsters entertained while parents can relax. The kids club is included in the cost of your package holiday and will ensure stress free time away.

3. Hawaii

Booking a family holiday to Hawaii ensure you have everything you need. Beautiful weather, dreamy ocean breezes, gorgeous beaches, fantastic hotels, shopping, surfing and for the golf lovers amazing golf courses. Two islands extremely popular for family holidays are Oahu and also Honolulu.

4. Mexico

There are many areas of Mexico you could visit, but Cancun is the perfect place for family relaxation and fun. It is packed with a wide range of family friendly hotels, powdery white beaches, restaurants, and fun filled attractions.

5. France

Travelling to Europe will save money compared to further afield destinations, and there’s plenty to keep kids entertained if you research the area you’re visiting including great Disney hotel deals. One suggestion is Ardèche, where tourists can go on a donkey trail, leisurely walking distances of up to 10 miles a day, this self-guided trip with a four-legged companion to carry day packs and tired children is suitable for ages four and over.

6. Croatia

Families with slightly older children who want none stop fun and activities could try sea kayaking in Croatia. Run from the car-free island of Kolocep, the trip includes five days of guided activities – after kayaking the blue cave of Kolocep and Sipan island you can get off for a stunning cycling trip

7. Madeira

Kids who love animals will enjoy a trip to Madeira. A great excursion is one on board a privately chartered boat where you join a team of marine biologists for a day of whale- and dolphin-watching. Whilst on this excursion you also have a chance to spot some of Madeira’s amazing sea birds. This is a perfect holiday destination for budding marine biology enthusiasts.

8. Bulgaria

Cave exploration in Bulgaria is a holiday that incorporates fun and activities, ensuring the kids are worn out every day by bed time! Rock climbing and a nights wild camping can be incorporated into your trip and give kids something special to tell their friends about when they arrive back home.

9. Norway

Norway might not spring to mind as the first destination for a family holiday but spectacular scenery and clean, fresh air coupled with activities such as skiing, cable cars and thundering waterfalls will keep youngsters entertained and make parents glad they chose this unusual destination for a break.

10. Scotland

Those who wish to holiday a little closer to home can experience a fantastic family holiday in Scotland, where Edinburgh castle provides a little heritage and education, and Edinburgh zoo keeps things fun and entertaining. Blair Drummond safari park is another option for a fun filled day in Scotland, and Lake Loch Ness makes a spectacular sight parents won’t want to miss. Tell kids of the Loch Ness monster and watch their eyes fill with excitement as they keep their eyes out for a glimpse of her. Book early to get great Edinburgh hotel deals.

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